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Today's Monopoly Go free dice rolls links

Have you ever gotten stuck right in the middle of a Monopoly Go match, hoping for just one more chance to roll the dice? You’re not alone—we’ve been there, too. Hunting for those Monopoly Go free dice links can feel like looking for a single hay straw in a whole farm sometimes.

Monopoly Go is kind of like that old-school board game we used to play on family game nights, but refashioned and boosted for the digital generation. You can partner up with your pals, earn some in-game cash, or maybe even outsmart them. The cherry on top? Nobody can flip the board when they’re losing.

It’s sort of similar to Coin Master, but instead of giving a wheel a spin, you’re rolling dice on the classic Monopoly board. But here’s the catch: after a few tosses, Monopoly Go starts subtly suggesting you might want to spend some real money.

So, how do you keep the dice rolling without your piggy bank taking a hit? Let’s dive right in:

  1. Sticker Albums: Monopoly Go takes a nostalgia trip with sticker albums, just like those we used to trade back in school. What's more, they regularly update, offering great rewards. And you can also trade cards with friends to complete sets. Double bonus!
  2. Recruit Your Friends: If you have friends who haven't dipped their toes into Monopoly Go yet, get them onboard. For every pal who signs up using your link, you bag some dice and occasionally, a bit of in-game cash. The more, the merrier, right?
  3. Freebies from the Shop: Here's an insider tip. If you browse the Shop section and scroll down, a little 'Free' button is waiting to be clicked. Doing so rewards you with spins, cash, or other cool freebies.
  4. Daily Freebies: No Excuses to Miss!: Even if you aren't in the gaming mode, just open the game to grab your daily reward. They add up, and on the seventh day, there's a surprise awaiting you.
  5. Take Home Those Wins: There's a 'Wins' section in the bottom left, with a bunch of easy tasks. Complete them to score goodies. Make it a weeklong habit and score a big prize!
  6. Level Up and Increase Your Fortune: The more you play, the higher you go. Each level-up and net worth increase results in awesome treats like free dice rolls, stickers, or tokens. Keep grinding!
  7. Get Social: Stay connected with Scopely (game developer)on their official Facebook and Instagram. From time to time, they will drop free dice links, which will reward you with extra dice every time you open these links. You can also follow their Discord server where other players also drop free dice roll links, so grab them as soon as you see them.
  8. Invest, Level-up, and Unlock: Ever dreamt of becoming a real estate mogul? This is your chance. Invest and upgrade in the game, progressing to unlock new cities and rewards. And if you're curious about Monopoly Go cheats or hacks, we have the answers.

New Facebook Free Dice Limits in Monopoly Go!

Getting free dice from Facebook friends used to be easy, but not anymore. To crack down on players using fake accounts, the game developers have set a new rule - you can only get dice from ten Facebook friends, up to a limit of 1,000 dice. It’s all about fair play! So, are you ready to scale new heights in Monopoly Go? Roll those dice, level up, boost your net worth, and watch as the goodies start rolling in, too!

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